Hardscape Services in Lebanon CT

Hardscape Services in Lebanon CT


Are you looking for an experienced company to provide you with hardscape services in Lebanon, CT? Look no further than TCB Landscaping. Our team of professionals at TCB Landscaping will help you finalize your vision for the perfect landscape. To achieve this, we will incorporate our hardscape designs into your layout. Whatever you’ve dreamed up for your outdoor space, we can definitely make it happen. Our experts at TCB Landscaping proudly offer advanced plans for both residential and commercial customers. If you’d like to speak with our team about your hardscape design in Lebanon, CT, don’t hesitate to contact us! Despite its own rural nature, Lebanon is located in close proximity to the urban centers of Willimantic, Colchester, and Norwich.

What is Hardscaping?


Simply put, hardscaping is adding non-living features to your outdoor space design. Whereas landscaping includes all of your living elements like trees, flowers, plants, etc. Hardscaping is your stone, wood, rock, bricks, concrete, and any other man-made designs. Not only does adding these types of elements increase curb appeal, but it can also increase your overall property value. An added benefit is that it also enhances your living space to show your personality,

The hardscape services we provide at TCB Landscaping include:

  • Installing Fireplaces and Fire Pits
  • Adding Sidewalks
  • Installing Stepping Stones and/or Paver Blocks
  • Building Walls or Retaining Walls
  • Adding Buildings and/or Structures
  • Building Staircases
  • Constructing Patios

It is important to note, that hardscape projects can become very extensive and labor-intensive. This is mostly because special materials and heavy machinery are often necessary. Some seasoned DIY-ers may be brave enough to attempt some of these projects, but many of them will be better off being left to experienced landscape professionals.

The picture-perfect landscape that everyone dreams of incorporates elements from both landscaping and hardscaping. A design that focuses too much on hardscaping will appear hard on the eye. Use rocks, gravel, concrete, and stone features sparingly.  On the other hand, a yard that is inundated with flowers, trees, and shrubs without any paths or walls to break up the growth can look like an unkempt jungle. The key is to find the happy medium of tranquil balance. Incorporating the right mix of soft and hard features will create a peaceful harmony.

Leave it to our team of experts to make your outdoor space look just the way you imagine it. Contact our team today to get started on making your vision come to life. Call us at 860-373-1531 or visit our website for more information!